Saturday, February 19, 2011

I just want to feel the happiness =(

i just want to feel the happiness...
happy like the others...

I being protective because I care
just to ensure you safe wherever you are
but why it always been misunderstood by you?
maybe just let you do whatever you want is the best way...

I don't want you get into trouble
because I worry if I couldn't help when you need me
but why are you always don't get it what I try to say
maybe you think that I'm trying to control your life..

I  just want to be happy like others
feel free to do whatever they love to do
but I doesn't mean to fooling you around
maybe you think that my heart won't stick with the only one...

sometimes I feel like I want to die right now
because I getting sick with this miserable life
but I know I can't do that
because there still others that love me more than you do...

don't just because my eyes don't tear
doesn't mean my heart doesn't cry
deep inside my heart is broken

I don't want money, gold or car from you
the only thing that I want is
I just want to feel the happiness....

by : serangkai 1

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